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UH Regents Agree To Senate Committee’s Recommendations

The University of Hawaii Board of Regents is taking a special state Senate committee’s report to heart.

The committee’s report, which stems from the so-called Wonder Blunder, looked at the university’s operational and financial management. It made several specific recommendations for the board to implement, including forming task forces and auditing the Athletic Department.

The board said it will do everything the committee recommended, but made no guarantees on submitting potential legislation related to the university’s internal management, posting financial statement online and considering outside monitoring to ensure compliance with various recommendations.

The board made this statement Tuesday evening:

The board shall review its policies and procedures to clarify roles, responsibilities and lines of authority between and among the regents, the president, and the chancellors of the university’s 10 campuses. The regents shall also review the reporting responsibilities of the Office of General Counsel. The board and the president agree that these reviews shall be conducted in a manner consistent with the university’s abiding commitment to “shared governance,” in which stakeholders are assured a role in the decision-making process while final responsibility rests with the board. More than ever it behooves us as leaders of an academic community to respect and maintain a balance between participation and accountability. The board shall inform the committee of the results of its reviews.
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